How a Dentist company in Florida is using Artificial Intelligence

In our daily lives these days we frequently use Artificial Intelligence. Common tools include Siri, Alexa and Google. While they occasionally can be intrusive, some businesses are taking the concept of intelligent assistance further. They are expanding its use beyond just getting local directions and asking what the weather will be today. A South Florida-based dentist is seeking to use technology to transform how some medical procedures are carried out. Yomi is a device created by Neocis, a surgical robotics business with a dental specialization based in Miami.

The device’s creator, Alon Mozes, named it after a family friend who worked as a dentist.

It is the first robotic surgical tool that the FDA has approved and was created to help with certain procedures, such as dental implants.

Mozes is not a dentist by profession, but he has engineering training. He obtained degrees from MIT before obtaining a PhD in biological engineering from the University of Miami.

Juan Salcedo, who also has engineering experience and co-founded Neocis, graduated from Florida International University with degrees in mechanical and biomedical engineering.

The knowledge and abilities of Mozes and Salcedo helped Yomi expand the idea for Neocis into what it is today.

The machines are drilling an implant into your jaw. It is very important they don’t damage any nerves, sinuses, or good teeth.  To perform the procedure as effectively as they want requires precision and accuracy.

Using human hands to do that is extremely difficult. Robotics are therefore ideally suited to help in this situation.

The technology behind Yomi is best characterized as haptic robotics.

This is an artificial intelligence based robotic guidance system that interacts with a dentist and offers precise real-time reaction and support.

The software enables the dentist to virtually arrange each procedure using a CT scan. This is then transfered to the equipment.

During a procedure, the system moves in response to the user’s movements. It will feel stiff when the user moves in the incorrect direction and smooth when the user moves in the proper direction.

Yomi thereby complements humans rather than replacing them.

The dentist still has a hand on the drill and is still included in the process.  It effectively forces the dentist to drill within defined limits.  So, the outcome will be exactly as they had planned it in the software in advance.

The device is also intended to interfere with a dentist’s workflow as little as possible.

More than 100 robots have been used to implant more than 20,000 implants across the United States.

The technology has advanced to a point where it won’t be just limited to America.  There will opportunities to promote it internationally and really improve the standard of care for dentistry.

The business will soon relocate to a bigger location in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. This will give them a lot more space than they now.

Neocis is still working on ways to advance the artificial intelligence technology, with the possibility of even more dental applications in the future to help dentist companies worldwide. 

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